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The Climbing Association of Southern Arizona (CASA) is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt nonprofit organization that advocates for local climbers through stewardship, education and partnership with land managers.

who i am

go to amazing places
under your own power
by your own skill
preferably with a dog

I am a southern Arizona rock climber, an American Mountain Guides Association Certified Rock Instructor, and a Professional Climbing Guides Institute Certified Multipitch Guide. I have been climbing around 130 days per year for 21 years.

what i do

My goal is to raise the bar of southern Arizona climbing by:

  1. producing and distributing premium firsthand route information for Cochise Stronghold (Toofast Topos),
  2. providing solid, credentialed, and affordable guiding and instruction,
  3. restoring classic traditional climbs in cooperation with CASA and the ASCA,
  4. role-modeling a ground-up, low impact, traditional ethic in my own climbing,
  5. and testing common climbing myths with actual experiences and measurements.

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